We read about the farm and wanted to visit. Suzie invited us over to have dinner on a nice Tuscan night. The dinner was organised with some friends, mainly expats who moved to the area of Cetona years ago and their Italian relatives. Surprisingly we were the only tourists but what a nice evening we had! Talking to these people made you feel a local too! Suzie and her very nice family do everything to make you feel home and enjoy all the homemade food, their own wine, it was all great! Our kids had a lovely time playing with the other children. What Suzie has created in Cetona is a place of superb modern agriculture all handled with so much love and care. You cannot miss this experience. Make sure to buy some of their nice Merlot, olive oil from their trees and pasta, all just great and cultivatzd with lots of passion. Their dreams with the farm and future plans of agriculture are fantastic and we sincerely hope they can make all their dreams and plans come true. We will be back for sure next year at Suzie’s as we already booked our house again!

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